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Corporate Video: How to Achieve Success?

Corporate communication is in charge of developing actions that allow the organization to connect both with its employees (internal communication) and with its customers and external public (external communication) with the aim of transmitting a series of concepts related to the organization to achieve a good positioning in the market and thus gain customers and reputation.

Other reasons that stand out are:


Loyalty to the public.

To generate trust.

To differentiate the brand from the competition.

For this it is important to dedicate time and effort to corporate communication and to keep in mind at all times the objectives initially set.


What is a corporate video?

Within corporate communication, one of the key tools is the corporate video. An audiovisual piece through which a company or brand can transmit specific information.


Corporate videos can be divided into different types, depending on their objectives and target audience. There is a difference between those focused on showing the corporate values of the company, training or those aimed at presenting something new to employees.


Some of the advantages of making a corporate video for a company are the generation of greater attention from the public. It is a brief and very visual format capable of informing as well as entertaining. Also, it helps the company to gain visibility and improve the brand image, thus increasing the feeling of belonging on the part of the public.


In short, nowadays a corporate video has the purpose of making known some aspect of the company. It has an informative, formative, entertaining and persuasive function.


How to achieve success through this format?

As we have already mentioned, the corporate video is a great ally in the strategy of a company and a great communication vehicle when it comes to building a good external and internal corporate communication.


If the video is well focused and done correctly, it can bring many advantages to the organization as it can improve the positioning on the Internet, differentiate from the competition, generate brand awareness, create recall and raise the level of understanding.


What to take into account when making a corporate video

But how can we know if a corporate video is well done and effective?

To do so, it is essential to take some points into account when making it:


1- Defined, clear and concise message

2- Identify and define the audience correctly

3- Ensure the quality of the video

4- Have a strategy


1- Defined, clear and concise message

It is important that the video is not long because the audience’s attention span is decreasing. It is therefore important to know how to correctly convey the message in an effective and dynamic way to achieve the greatest possible impact.


The story to be told must be attractive. Some tips for the message to work are that it provides value, that is to say, that what we are transmitting is useful for the audience. A good way to do this is to introduce terms about user experience, as this is the easiest way to make the audience feel identified.


  1. Identify and define the audience correctly

We must be very clear about who the corporate video is aimed at, since the message will be transmitted in one way or another depending on who it is aimed at. If we do not identify it correctly we run the risk of not transmitting the message properly and therefore the video will lose effectiveness.


The target will be different depending on who the video is aimed at. For example, if we are talking about a training video, the target will be the employees. If we are talking about a video focused on showing the corporate values of the company, it is important to address the client and the possible future client.


  1. Ensure the good quality of the video

Taking care of every detail is essential to give a good image, since what is transmitted in the message must also be communicated through the image. It is important that there is this concordance and that the video is the reflection of the company, both in quality and content.


To ensure good quality, it is important to have the necessary knowledge and know how to use the optimal tools to achieve the best possible result.


  1. Having a strategy

Another point to take into account is to know how to distribute and position the video, that is, to know how to move it so that it reaches the desired audience. In addition, if we do not share the video correctly, it will not be known and we will lose views. The more traffic it has and the more times it is shared, the more chances we will have to reach more people and, therefore, achieve our goals.


Using social networks to share the corporate video is a way to achieve greater coverage.


  1. Get to know our success stories

We highlight some of the videos made for some of our clients:


Coinciding with Milan Fashion Week, Aspesi announces its new boutique in Milan by organizing a characteristic cocktail party to present its new flagship store, which represents the Aspesi philosophy in all its splendor.

Tumi, a leader in travel and lifestyle, premiered its international campaign with singer, designer and actor Lenny Kravitz and his daughter, actress and singer Zoë Kravitz, as the campaign’s image.

Triodos Bank, the European benchmark in ethical banking, held the fifth edition of its awards at the Casa del Lector in Matadero Madrid, where current issues such as humanitarian aid and social inclusion were discussed.

Diners Club Spain launched an emotional campaign aimed at the users of its services, the travel managers of large companies, entitled “How much time is worth? Diners Club Spain’s services streamline the work processes and protocols of these great professionals, allowing them to finish their working day earlier and gain in personal “time”. Assuming, moreover, that time is the only treasure that no one in this world can buy.

The Apartment exported the concept of “tardeo” to the exclusive beach club of Vincci Hotels in the so-called “Golden Beach”.

The world of culture welcomed the first Hotel Indigo in Madrid, in a party that recovered the atmosphere of the Gran Vía. More than 200 guests wanted to be present at the inauguration.

The Apartment was commissioned by the prestigious gas company Redexis Gas to make the institutional video showing the values and benefits offered by the company, both to its investors and to society. Leader in the development and operation of natural gas transport and distribution infrastructures in Spain, Redexis Gas has more than 600,000 supply points and almost 10,000 kilometers of gas networks.

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