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Public Relations.

"Seventy percent of success in life lies in getting noticed."

"Seventy percent of success

in life lies in getting noticed."

- Woody Allen -

The human being is social: take advantage of it with the best press and public relations service.

We could say that Public Relations encompasses all the actions carried out by the company to position its brand image above that of the competition and thus achieve more sales. The objective is always clear for public relations service professionals or the better known press offices: to transmit an image of clarity, transparency and trust, both to consumers and to opinion leaders within the sector and the press.

Nowadays, public relations is once again playing a strong role within brands and companies in order to generate solid and close links. As we cannot base a PR strategy solely on the dissemination of content in the press, at The Apartment we focus on PR tailored to the needs of each company, with multilevel plans: in formats that can vary between personalized meetings, large events or actions with celebrities, bloggers and influencers.

Convening and recruitment of VIPs.

Recruitment and hiring of influencers.

Convening and hiring of celebrities.

Calling and hiring of bloggers

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