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"Advertising is basically persuasion,

and persuasion is not a science, but an art."

"Advertising is basically persuasion,

and persuasion is not a science, but an art."

- William Bernbach -

Advertising strategies that will reach all your potential consumers.

Only through a good advertising strategy can you connect with your target audience to effectively motivate, mobilize and promote the purchase or acquisition of your product or service. At The Apartment we know well how to connect brands with people through their ideas, using comprehensive, multichannel and, above all, unique and original strategies.

At The Apartment we can devise, create, do the media buying and monitoring of an advertising campaign, both online and offline, unifying in a single agency the entire process of creating an advertising project, which lowers costs. Also, for large companies, we can develop a specific segmentation and positioning strategy, adapting the advertising content to the Spanish market and always going a little further.

Ideation and campaign concept.

Online and offline campaign image creation.

Online and offline media planning and buying.

Graphic and audiovisual production.

Hiring of professionals and creatives.

Online and offline campaign follow-up.

Hiring of models and celebrities.

Integral production of campaigns.

Advertising in social networks.

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