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Press Clipping What Is It And How Do You Get It?

What does Clipping de prensa (press clipping) mean?

Clipping means press clipping, so we can get a small idea of its meaning. Press clipping is the compilation of all the appearances of a brand/product/service in the media. This activity is part of the work of a communication agency and it is essential to be able to show in a tangible way the work that is done on a daily basis. Therefore, clipping includes publications from all media. From print media such as magazines or newspapers, to radio or television mentions, including digital clipping.


This action is very important because it helps us to measure the impact of the actions of the brand or client. In the same way, it helps to measure and know the actions of the competition and locate our brand in relation to it, as well as to know in which position the brand is, which will serve as a basis for developing future communication actions.


To achieve clipping it is very important to have a direct and constant contact with the media. Communication agencies, such as The Apartment, have greater ease when it comes to moving information from the client, and we also have tools that are the basis of this process.


It is important to segment the media and know which ones fit more with each client and which ones do not, in order to send them information and attractive content of their interest, such as press releases, exchanges, invitations to events… The objective of this is to make the brand known and create a niche for it in the media so that they are present and get as many appearances and publications as possible.




How to do a clipping?

The clipping action is carried out through tools that collect all the mentions and publications of a brand in all the media. In this way it is easier to consult, collect and save the information and publications for future occasions (such as when making reports).


These tools make it easier to group appearances, but it is important to bear in mind that this is probably not the definitive list. It is necessary to review it and know how to select the most important ones in order to make an overall estimate of the reach obtained from them.


 What are clipping tools?

A clipping platform that is responsible for monitoring the impact of news in both digital and print media, has different supports to properly perform this work and provide all the necessary information so that a communication agency can perform its functions in the most complete way, because in order to work the communication of a brand in the best possible way it is very important to be very well informed about everything related to it.


Other advantages of using a clipping tool are that you can search by words, the platform provides impact assessment, monitoring of all media and also has a newspaper library to have all the information collected always at hand.


Some of the essential clipping tools include:


– Automatic executive summary

– Specialized analysis and studies

– Digital reputation analysis engine


Specialized analysis and studies

As mentioned above, the platform, with the information collected, performs analysis and provides impact assessment, audience, diffusion and advertising value. All this information helps to measure the presence of the brand and to define future communication actions for its growth. 


Digital reputation analysis engine

Along the same lines as the previous tool, just as the platform helps to measure brand presence, it can also help to measure digital reputation, another important factor to know how to guide the brand and know which actions work best according to their impact. 


Automatic executive summary

The platform produces an executive report with all the information organized, allowing you to work in a much simpler and more efficient way. In addition, these summaries can be exported, which allows you to use them to create your own reports. This aspect is very important because, in this way, it is possible to provide the client with more elaborated and clearer reports, ad hoc to their needs.


What are the advantages of having a communication agency take care of your clipping?)


First of all, communication agencies like The Apartment, have these platforms and we are trained and specialized in their operation to make proper use of them. It is very important to know how to use all their tools and take advantage of all their benefits.


Secondly, clipping is a continuous and daily activity that requires a lot of time. In this aspect, we, as a communication agency, are constantly aware of all the news and all the updated information that may be of interest to the brand in order to keep it continuously informed.


Finally, it is necessary to review and know how to select the important information for the client and make sure that nothing is missing, in addition to making complete reports with all the information collected. In this sense, in The Apartment we take care of making these reports monthly, complete and formal, in order to maintain an order and organization necessary for the data obtained can be used by the brand.

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