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Instagram: The Most Loved Social Network By Foodies

Instagram is one of the most important social networks of the moment and speaking of gastronomy, one of the most successful. Great hashtags like #instafood, #foodies, #foodporn, #gastronomy, #food, #instafood… are some of the ones that generate more images and visualizations.


Millions of users have dedicated all or part of their posts to the publication of gastronomic content, either with a professional objective or not. Colorful images, with a variety of ingredients and textures in the same dish, have become, throughout the life of Instagram, one of the most recurrent publications creating even a specific term for it: foodie. A profile specialized in cooking that publishes content about different recipes or restaurants, for example, betting on a community with similar interests.


Within this category of content we also find different trends depending on the product itself, but also on the time and time of year in which we find ourselves. Thus, in summer, summer dishes and healthy food work very well, and in winter, spoon dishes, legumes and traditional dishes work very well.


 How Instagram works

Owned by Facebook since 2012, in what is considered one of the most profitable purchase operations in the technological world, Instagram has been able to put itself ahead of any of its rivals without losing an iota of its personality since its beginnings.


Instagram is a social network and a mobile application at the same time, which allows its users to upload images and videos with multiple photographic effects such as filters, frames, retro colors, etc., to later share those images on the same platform or on other social networks.


 What possibilities does it offer for the restaurant industry?

More and more professionals are allocating part of their marketing budget to social networks, paying special attention to Instagram. The objective is clear, to convey a message, their business model with its strengths and differentiation from the competition and sell.


With the incorporation of sales options, advertising and gift vouchers, it is increasingly common for many brands to give priority to this network to develop their business in the digital sphere.


Images always at the top

You have to take care of the aesthetics of an Instagram account and more if it is a professional profile by choosing very well each of the photos to be published. Images are the best allies for online business:


There are quite a few things that go into making a consistent Instagram feed with some appeal, but we select the following points as some of the most important:


– Decide what your Instagram is about.

– Choose colors, filters and borders.

– Balance colors and themes

– Plan and preview your feed



Generate links

The engagement that an Instagram profile can generate will depend a lot on the bonds it generates with its audience, being able to make them participate in the publications, stories or messages.


Some proposals to generate this connection between an Instagram account with the audience are:



– Share relevant content.

– Ask questions

– Conduct polls among the audience

– Reply to messages

– Interact with other similar accounts and those of your followers.



Make services and products visible

Companies have a very profitable channel to showcase their products and market them through Instagram. Online presence is becoming more and more essential and few brands resist using this platform.


Instagram allows you to expose your product through photos and videos, in the Instagram fee or in Stories, with a spontaneous duration, only 24 hours, but currently, with a greater reach.


In addition, the tool allows you to invest in advertising by promoting the posts you are most interested in and reaching a much wider audience. According to your objectives, you can select the type of user/customer you are interested in based on their gender, interests, age range, location…


Some examples of Top

Below is a selection of the most influential gastro profiles of the moment:


Alfonso López – @derechupete

Iván Martín and María Hernando – @mesade2

David Maldonado – @conelmorrofino

Edurne Ubani – @evamuerdelamanzana

Marta Simonet – @martasimonet – @mesamemucho

Patricia García Py – @saboresymomentos

Susana and Fabio – @_eatandlove

Alejandro de la Rosa- @quenomeladenconqueso

Mireia Casamada- @mireiacasamada

Marta Sanahuja- @deliciousmartha

Mapi Hermida- @la_gastronoma

Star without Michelin- @estrellasinmichelin

Fabián León- @fabianmasterchef

Raquel Carmona- @raquel_carmona

Carolina Ferrer- @carolina_ferrer

Fit Happy Sisters/ Sara and Ani- @fit_happy_sisters


How The Apartment team manages a corporate Instagram account.


According to Instagram Business data, the social network has more than 800 million active users worldwide, and 80% of those users follow a business. The data also affirms that any company – be they established brands or small businesses – can get results through Instagram. That’s why, whatever the business in question, in most cases, opening an Instagram account is a safe bet.


At The Apartment, when it comes to managing a corporate Instagram account, we first study the business model very well and carry out an analysis of the competition. Based on this, we organize a planning of content to publish that meets the client’s business objectives. We focus on our own content, but we can also take advantage of inspirational content that represents the values we want to show. On the other hand, we always take care of the image, since this is what generates a good first impression when the user accesses the account and of course, we generate through all the above mentioned points a good relationship between company and public.

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