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The Apartment organizes the 5th edition of the Triodos Bank Awards.

Triodos Bank, the European benchmark in ethical banking, held on February 21 at the Casa del Lector in Matadero Madrid, the fifth edition of its awards in which current issues of great importance such as humanitarian aid and social inclusion were discussed.

The six finalists of this award shared their perspective on change in a society that gives greater relevance to human dignity, placing it above all else.

The event was attended by more than 300 people and was presented by Cristina Monge, Director of Conversations at Ecodes. Triodos Bank's CEO, Mikel García-Prieto, pointed out that "we need a medium and long-term path in which change is accompanied by a new culture based on the free exercise of responsibility taken into action. And this is what I particularly like about these brave creators of reality, the finalists of the fifth edition of the Triodos Bank Awards, and my work at the bank, the evidence that it is possible to create a new reality from responsible initiative".

Six finalist initiatives were presented through their presentation videos with the different projects. The companies that had the opportunity to take part in this debate were Proactiva Open Arms, an NGO that deals with maritime rescue; Teatro Corsario, a classical theater company; Protisa, a recycled paper manufacturer; Parra Family Organic, a family business that produces organic wine, garlic and sheep cheese; Centro Momo, a center for neurological therapies for children; and finally mk2, a film circuit.

In order to select the winning entity, an open vote was carried out through the website, in which a total of 11,500 votes were received. In the end, the prize was awarded to the Momo Center, with 5,700 votes. Its main promoters, Inma Moragón, Ruth Moreno and Dori Casado, co-directors of the initiative, were thrilled to receive the prize of 10,000 euros from García-Prieto.

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