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How to Know In Which Social Networks To Have Presence With Your Brand?

Currently there are a wide variety of social networks and all of them have a different tone and audience from the rest, therefore, it is really important to identify the platform that best suits our content and where our desired audience is. The first step before registering in any social network should be to consider what are the main objectives we want to meet, then we explain which platform is the most appropriate depending on your goals:

Twitter, is mostly used to maintain open and constant communication with users.

Facebook is a great social network to generate a sense of community between a company and its followers.

Instagram, is the most visual social network and is used to create branded content, interact with the public and become known.

LinkedIn is used to create corporate content. The most popular publications on this social network are company updates and information about new projects, although it can also be used to generate contacts and relationships between professionals or companies.

YouTube, is the platform par excellence for sharing audiovisual content, in addition we must add the probability of virality, which can attract new users massively our company.

Pinterest, is the most used network to share inspirational images, due to the use that is made of it will provide us with a large number of leads to our website or other social profiles.

Vimeo, is similar to Youtube in terms of its main objective, to share audiovisual content, but what differentiates them is their audience, since Vimeo is focused on professionals from different sectors.


Define your objectives

Knowing what each social network provides us with, it is time to set the objectives we want to achieve as a Real Estate company that will be present in the networks, do we want to reach a larger audience, do we want to maintain a closer relationship with users, or create alliances and contacts with other companies in the sector, can I manage the purchase/sale of properties through this channel, can I manage the purchase/sale of properties through this channel? It is important to be clear about our objectives in order to develop an efficient and realistic social media communication plan.


Be realistic, better few and well worked than to be in all of them just to be there.

Once the objectives have been decided, it is important to select the most appropriate network to achieve them. When selecting them we must bear in mind that it is better to have a presence on a couple of platforms that allow us to achieve well-defined objectives, than to have a profile on all the previously mentioned without having a clear strategy for each of them, which can lead to chaos when managing content and interactions on each of them.


Evaluate what information you can provide to your communities before launching your campaign.

Once the selection of networks has been made and the objectives to be achieved in each of them have been clearly marked, we must consider the type of content we are going to share and the design we will make to adapt it to each social network, in order to make it attractive and informative for the public in the various networks. The content we create must be different, able to differentiate us from the competition, so it is important to find a tone that distinguishes us, following the corporate aesthetics, and deal with innovative topics and content that add value, so that users decide to visit our pages and not those of our competitors.  In turn, each network requires a different type of content. If we select LinkedIn, the information we will share will be of a corporate nature, i.e. updates about our company, information that can add value to the sector, articles about Real Estate that interest us, new partners, future projects, inspiring topics, etc.  On the other hand, if we choose Twitter we must be constant and be ready to answer any questions, complaints or comments from our customers. If we choose Instagram, the most important thing to define is the image we will transmit and the tone to use. In networks such as Vimeo, Youtube and Pinterest we must keep updated the audiovisual content and images created. Finally, on Facebook, the ideal would be to maintain a balance between interaction with the public and updating content.  We must also take into account the selection of social networks according to the content we prefer to communicate, if we decide to transmit only images of real estate; we can choose between networks like Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, but if we also want to offer virtual tours in video or video reforms we will be more convenient to use other social platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. Below we explain in more depth the networks to use depending on the type of content to share with users.



If your content is mainly based on images, you can value working on Instagram or Pinterest. Instagram is the second social network with more users after Facebook, which allows us to reach a larger audience. While Pinterest is mostly used to search for inspirational images for different projects, which provides us with leads and visits to our main pages or other social networks. Facebook is also a good option for sharing images, but nowadays it is less and less used.  There is also the option of creating your own blog and updating your work on it, but it is advisable to use it as a support to social networks, not solely or unilaterally. 



If you have more content in video format, you have a variety of platforms on which to share it, an important factor to take into account is the duration of this. Depending on the duration of these videos, we benefit more from some networks or others. For example if our videos are of short duration we can integrate them in Instagram, although currently with the existing updates in the app we could also share it on IGTV, but this option does not convey the desired professionalism. If our videos are longer and we want a more professional tone, there are two options: Youtube and Vimeo. The first is aimed at the mass audience and therefore carries more chances of viralization and getting more traffic to our networks and the possibility of reaching a larger audience. While the second is aimed at professionals from different sectors looking for a more specific and professional content.



To transmit news about our company to the public the ideal network is LinkedIn, although if it is important news that we want all our followers to know we can always post links on other networks to our LinkedIn profile or post stories with these updates on Instagram. Another ideal social network to communicate news within the company would also be Facebook, where we find a loyal community that appreciates being informed of the events occurring in our company. This news can also be communicated through a blog or sections in the networks dedicated especially to the current affairs of our company, i.e. sections or highlights, which are only dedicated to this type of information.  Once the objectives have been set and having decided the social networks in which we will be present and the content that we will share in them, we must execute the plan and create the profile of our Real Estate company in the various social networks.

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