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Real Estate Sector: Brand Strategy Will Be Key

A consolidated brand strategy provides the company with a solid and powerful image, making it the first choice for the client, who will recognize it for its qualities and personality. In addition, it will also differentiate the company from its competitors in the sector. All this implies an increase in sales and, consequently, a benefit for the company.


On the other hand, it will also favor customer acquisition, since the more we define our brand, the easier it will be to identify the potential customer and thus the more likely we will be to succeed, thus increasing our share of sales. But, not only will it help to increase sales, but it will also capture the attention of sellers who will have the confidence to leave their properties in the company’s hands.


This summarizes the benefits of having a good branding strategy, which is the key to success.


– Strong and powerful image

– Differentiation from the competition

– Customer acquisition

– Market expansion


As in other sectors, this industry has been highly influenced by technological and digital innovations. In this context, companies in the real estate sector have undergone accelerated adaptation, necessary to maintain and expand business.


 We define Real Estate

We define Real Estate as all those real estate assets that can neither be moved nor relocated. An example of this could be buildings or land. Within the real estate sector, this term is used to refer to the rental or sale of homes.





Within Real Estate we can find three main categories:


– Residential: refers to all unbuilt land.

– Commercial: offices, warehouses…those properties that do not generate income.

– Industrial: these are usually properties that have a larger extension. Factories, mines or even business parks belong to this area.


In communication we can observe more and more websites and portals specialized in real estate as it is one of the sectors with more information available and that generates news every day. For this reason, many press media have their own section related to this sector.


In the real estate sector we must take into account that all the factors of society constantly influence and affect it in a significant way. The economic situation of the country, the revaluation of housing or the employment rate, among others, are some of the examples. This, in turn, requires constant adaptation work.


The importance of strategic consulting in the Real Estate sector

Strategic consulting is important because it is responsible for generating favorable changes in the company in order to optimize and improve the work continuously. Therefore, a sector as large as the real estate sector must continuously adapt and adapt to the rhythm of a changing society in order not to weaken, having the most efficient tools to solve problems and even anticipate them is a real necessity.


Strategic consulting can help us to:


– Provide a solid base from which to be able to carry out more complex actions or those involving greater investment. This is done through different actions such as investment analysis, transaction management, tax and legal advice, reports or analysis. All this is necessary for the company to be able to act in the right way and move towards its expansion strategy. In this sense, it is important that the consultancy has a global vision of the sector and also knows the local market.

– Develop a business plan that is appropriate for the company and that helps to obtain financing and increase the value of the company’s real estate assets.

– Improve the company’s productivity and increase its efficiency and performance.

In the event of a crisis or when solving an internal problem, strategic consulting can provide the necessary support and help minimize the damage with its tools. In short, to find and offer tailor-made real estate solutions.

– Check possible weak points to achieve a complete optimization and increase the margin of success.


Where are we heading? The future of real estate

Now, it is no longer just the impact of new technologies, but the Covid-19 crisis has also hit the real estate sector hard. Demand has declined during this period of time, although an improvement is expected going forward, or at least stability.

It should also be noted that during the pandemic, and still to this day, there has been an increase in temporary rentals, and it is expected that after the crisis this number will decrease and residential sales will increase again.


On the other hand, physical offices are still present in the sector and despite the new platforms and specialized portals, real estate activity will continue to develop in these workspaces, although these offices will have to adapt to the new working conditions and provide a service that can compete with digital platforms, offering an improved service.



How The Apartment can help in the brand transformation process.

The Apartment as a 360º communication agency can help brands manage their strategy by conducting studies on the sector and developing a specialized communication plan for each brand. In this way, it helps the company in many ways:


– Making the brand and its different services known.

– Positioning the brand

– Carrying out all kinds of communication actions (events, new concepts, experiences…)

– Help the brand to adapt to the present and anticipate changes in order not to be left behind.

– Reinforce the brand presence in all communication channels.


With all this, what we intend to achieve in The Apartment is to offer notoriety, positioning, branding, innovation and presence for the brand because in this way it will be reinforced and will be prepared for all the changes that may arise in the sector, thus avoiding any kind of weakness and always stand out from the competition.


During the whole process, it is very important to maintain a continuous research of the sector that allows us to be fully connected with the present, thus ensuring an effective communication and marketing plan.

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